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One on One: Mark Figliulo Says “We’re Story Tellers”

What would a eCommerce platform look like if it was built by a creative agency? Here’s Mark Figliulo’s answer (although he prefers to call it a “consumer research” platform). He’s the founder of Figliulo & Partners, an agency which tells a client’s story in many different ways (“physical environments, tech…video”), and which recently set out to help customers find brands rather than vice versa. The result is Quiddity, a curated set of online experiences which ultimately connects a well-defined demographic of users with selected products across a limited (so far) range of categories.

In this podcast, Figliulo talks about the “emotional” element in shopping, and how the experiential overlay differentiates this approach from efficient but essentially impersonal online markets, like Amazon, and product catalogs. “We’re story tellers,” he says, and there weren’t many good category stories out there. “How do we bring together the rational information, and the emotional stuff?”

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