One on One: Jim Dicso on Videos Which Reflect the Person Who Views Them

We’re all familiar with the possibility of personalizing online experiences in real-time, and even personalizing email content at moment of opening. But imagine a video, on any device, which populates itself — automatically — with individually personalized content, after you press play. Magic? I sat down with Jim Dicso of the personalized video marketing platform SundaySky to discuss how its done.

I also met SundaySky’s new CMO Eric Porres (formerly of Rocket Fuel and Sailthru), who offered up one remarkable statistic. In this age of miniscule attention spans and compulsive content snacking, SundaySky’s personalized video had a viewing duration of 108 seconds on average (month of August; excluding pre-roll which only lasts 15 or 30 seconds).

“We help brands and marketers entirely rethink the way they go about producing video,” said Porres. As for potential clients, “the richer the data set, the richer the experience you can create.”

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