One on One: Content Meets Audience with John Waters

If this is the dawn of the data privacy age, with the example of GDPR set to drive tighter safeguards in North America and elsewhere, brands need to take a fresh look at how to reach audiences beyond their customers. Customers, after all, will willingly hand over relevant first-party data, from contact information to credit card details. But what about expanding the reach of marketing beyond that first-party pool? It’s never been (technologically) easier to build profiles, based on a huge range of online and offline behavior, but processing third-party data and creating audience segments based on it now raises — at best — data privacy questions.

In a conversation with Kim Davis, John Waters, VP of marketing at video personalization solution AnyClip, sketches a end-run around the whole data privacy question: contextual marketing. If you have a granular understanding the content of high-performing assets (video assets, in the case of AnyClip), then opportunities to advertise against that content are precisely opportunities to reach a well-defined audience. But without collecting any data about them.

With video, AnyClip leverages AI to analyze content and discover opportunities for clients (and publishers). But the contextual marketing concept may have wider implications. Watch this space.

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