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One on One: Building Loyalty On Mobile With Jack Philbin, CEO, Vibes

What’s up with Apple Wallet? Jack Philbin, CEO, Vibes believes it could be the next big thing when it comes to building customer loyalty on mobile. DMN sits down with Philbin to discuss the biggest trends in mobile marketing today, and how creating omnichannel experiences is tougher than it seems for the modern CMO.

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DMN: What are some of the biggest trends that you’re seeing now, and where is the space moving?

Philbin: Sure. There’s definitely a movement towards combining channels, right? So it’s been a siloed practice. They’ve got a site that they mobile optimized, they’ve got an app, and then they may, have a messaging vendor, and a push notification vendor, and someone getting them into mobile wallet. (We’ll talk a lot about Apple Wallet and what Google’s doing with wallet.) So what we try and do is bring those into one dashboard, right? One interface, one platform to manage campaigns across those different channels. But with everybody trying to go omnichannel — mobile is so important because it’s present in every single one of those engagement vehicles for the consumer.

DMN: So when you think about mobile, there’s so many different ways that people are doing it today. You have engagement through apps, you have people on email checking their email online, you have social media, you have all of these different ways that people are on their phones engaging. Can you break down the relationship that all of these things play for marketers when they’re putting together that omnichannel experience?

Philbin: I think the job of the CMO and the marketer today is a lot tougher because there’s fragmentation, there’s more channels and if you ignore them, that’s going to be your own detriment. But the way to go at this successfully is to really make sure you’re thinking about how they operate in tandem — how is everything in sync and how are you orchestrating a consumer experience across these different channels. So for instance, it’s very important to have an app — a portion of the app downloads are going to be active, and a portion of those are going to say yes to push notifications. And you want to make sure that you’re in sync with your mobile database in terms of SMS and text messaging, so that you’re not sending a push and a text that says the same thing, at the same time, to the same person.

Because then you look uncoordinated. So there’s coordinating push and texts and of course with the emergence of wallet you can actually send a notification through the wallet. So even if someone doesn’t have your app, they might have an offer; and you can notify them that that the offer has expired, and “here’s a new one.” Or, you’ve got 48 hours to redeem, and that’s another messaging channel. Not to mention the emergence of Facebook Messenger and experimental chatbots, which has been a buzzword of late. So there’s this whole infinite world of messaging apps and conversational commerce that’s that’s going to be really big.

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