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One on One: Ari Paparo Talks Optimization in Programmatic

Ari Paparo, CEO and co-founder of media buying tech platform Beeswax, sits down with DMN‘s Chris Wood to discuss how advertisers can take control over their data by adopting a customized bring-your-own-algorithm solution. Control is king. In Paparo’s estimation, having more control over an advertiser’s own data can get just as good or better results than turning it all over to a big “black box”/”walled garden” marketplace. How times have changed. Programmatic used to be the only way Internet sites could sell remnant inventory. Now, it can be optimized to execute multichannel campaigns rigged to business-changing KPIs. With these advances, most problems can be solved, even if marketers are still stuck on the best way to get a consumer to interact with salad dressing. Perhaps this conversation will also spark a new discovery in augmented condiment personalization.

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