One on One: Amanda Martin Discusses GDPR & CCPA

A year after the E.U. GDPR regulations went into effect, DMN’s Chris Wood sat down with Amanda Martin, who serves as VP of Enterprise Partnerships for Goodway Group, a programmatic digital advertising partner that works with brands and agencies. Martin describes the proactive approach Goodway Group and others are taking in light of the gray area that still exists. In the lead-up to last year’s GDPR implementation, tech companies weren’t sure precisely how the new regulations would be enforced. Now, U.S. marketers continue to wait and see, as the California Consumer Privacy Act awaits kickoff at the beginning of 2020. To minimize the risk in these murky times, players throughout the adtech chain are taking it upon themselves to evaluate who within the field is likely to be compliant, and who better to avoid. This, however, doesn’t stop marketers from developing inventive new ways to use third-party and contextual data to execute meaningful campaigns.

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