One on One: Al DiGuido Talks PR Accountability

Technology brings measurement and accountability to all facets of marketing. What does this mean for public relations? Al DiGuido has taken his more than 40 years of tech and leadership experience as a former CEO of Epsilon and brought it to North 6th Agency, which represents many clients in marketing tech. The data-driven angle helps marketing understand PR’s role in an integrated strategy that must be consistent, or else it fails. Al sat down with Chris Wood to discuss how things are rapidly changing. His biggest surprise: that so many clients are now finally ready to change. Regardless of whether our listeners are marketers, developers, media watchers, or tech execs, this engaging conversation is a rare opportunity to hear a frank discussion about what marketers need to do differently today across their organizations. Who says PR is all fluff and spin? After all, Al DiGuido serves as both President and Chief Revenue (ie, dollars) Officer at N6A.

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