One in Four Net Shoppers Visited Comparison Sites, comScore Says

More than one in four online shoppers visited comparison shopping sites in November, according to Internet audience measurement company comScore Networks.

Also, the wealthier a person is, the more likely he or she is to visit a comparison shopping site, according to a report released by the Reston, VA company yesterday.

Of 88 million people who visited shopping Web sites in November, 23.6 million, or 27 percent of them visited an online comparison shopping site, according to comScore.

The top such site in November was, according to comScore, with 9.6 million unique visitors. Also, a small number of comparison shopping sites dominate the category, with just eight of them drawing more than 1 million visitors per month, according to comScore. was second in November, drawing 7.1 million unique visitors, comScore reported.

Nos. 3 though 10 were:

·; 3.6 million.

·; 3 million.

·; 1.6 million.

·; 1.5 million.

·; 1.4 million.

·; 1.2 million.

·; 663,000.

·; 626,000.

In other findings, while men are 49 percent of Internet users, they account for 51 percent of visitors to comparison shopping sites.

Moreover, 35- to 44-year-olds accounted for 5.4 million visits to comparison shopping sites in November, making the middle-age demographic the largest group of comparison shopping site users.

Also, Internet users with household incomes of less than $25,000 annually visit comparison shopping sites the least, while those with annual household incomes of $100,000 or more visit them the most.

Lastly, broadband users make up 48 percent of visitors to comparison shopping sites.

To reach its findings, comScore claims to monitor the Web-use habits of a panel of 1.5 million volunteers and extrapolates.

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