@Once Sharpens Outbound E-Mail Efforts

Permission-based e-mail marketing company @Once is expected to announce today the release of its On-Target eMessaging services designed to present consumers with relevant and unique messages.

In the past, @Once used simpler segmenting technology to send outbound client e-mail campaigns. It targeted groups according to sex, marital status and other basic demographics.

Its new On-Target eMessaging service can send targeted, rules-based messages that are finely tuned according to consumer profiles. Consumers can help create these profiles at client sites containing “editable online profile forms.” Here consumers can choose the types of content and offers they would like to receive.

This information combined with survey, registration, transactional and Web history data rounds out the profile.

@Once has integrated technologies from BroadVision, Broadbase Software, Kana Communications and Oracle.

On-Target eMessaging has been beta tested by a number of companies, including cataloger Cabela. Early results have seen click-through rates increase by as much as 10 times that of the old technology.

“This is where the market is going to go, true one-to-one. The number of e-mails aren't going to stop. This will raise the importance of relevant content,” said John Kingery, CEO of @Once, Portland, OR.

In related news, @Once's rich media e-mails have made a splash with Buena Vista, the Disney Home Video division, which is sending out 3 million e-mails over the course of 90 days to three of its “A-list” retail partners. The e-mails will tout the new releases of five movies on DVD and VHS.

These rich media e-mails include streaming audio and video, featuring clips from the films as well as a link to the retailers' Web sites. A promotion for “Mission to Mars” was the first in the series of mailings.

@Once has created additional e-mail campaigns for companies such as Nintendo, Hollywood Video and Warner Bros. The company deals in high-volume campaigns — 250,000 to 5 million names. Pricing starts at roughly a penny an e-mail. Its competitors include FloNetworks, Digital Impact and MessageMedia.

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