ON24 pushes data to Act-On

ON24, the cloud-based virtual event vendor,announced today that it will integrate with Act-On Software‘s marketing automation platform to help clients derive actionable insights from event-related data. It becomes just the latest business to find new ways of using data to drive the marketing cycle. 

I spoke with Act-On CMO Atri Chatterjee and ON24 VP for business development Tom Masotto about the initiative. “People stay on our webinars for an average of 56 minutes,” said Masotto. “The rich information we’re collecting about them becomes more invaluable when we deliver the data to Act-On.”

ON24 is a webinar and webcasting platform geared to the needs of B2B marketers. Engaging audiences in an interactive environment, it routinely collects not only registration data, but behavioral data–questions asked, links clicked, attendance duration, etc. Previously it had delivered this information to clients in follow-up reports. The new integration will allow Act-On users (more than 3,000 companies, especially in the midmarket) to leverage the data directly for purposes of lead identification and nurturing.

And it’s a two way street. As Chatterjee explained, Act-On will provide ON24 with access to information in its automayted marketing platform, and will be able to “transfer more of our data to ON24, to better understand and segment the audience.” 

One way in which the intregation will help marketers qualify leads is by proving an “engagement score”–a single numeric score captured from a full range of event metrics. This may not be big data, but it’s likely to be highly relevant data, given the self-selected nature of ON24’s webinar and webcast audiences.

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