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Omnicom partners with Trade Desk for innovative marketing solutions

Trade Desk Partnership
Trade Desk Partnership

Omnicom and The Trade Desk have joined forces to create innovative investment solutions for Omnicom’s clients on a premier Demand Side Platform (DSP). The unique solution uses TV data from The Trade Desk’s streaming sector and commerce data from Flywheel, processed through Omnicom’s operational system, Omni. The collaboration aims to simplify planning and improve marketing solutions offered to Omnicom’s clientele.

Omnicom Media Group (OMG) is on board with this solution, using it to predict future video budgets. Megan Pagliuca, OMG’s chief activation officer, notes the system’s potential to improve Connected TV (CTV) investment efficacy and closely align these investments with concrete results. Cutting down guesswork and facilitating efficient funds allocation are existing proven benefits of the tool.

The solution also allows OMG to maximize client return on investments. Predicting future costs aids clients with better budget planning and risk management capabilities. The usage of the technology will streamline operations and generate beneficial outcomes for both OMG and its clients.

Omnicom has lauded The Trade Desk’s prowess to deliver three trillion streaming impressions monthly.

Omnicom and Trade Desk’s innovative partnership

Their joint development of customizable client solutions, starting with video scheduling and eventually covering audio and out-of-home optimization, has begun to show positive market impact. As a result, The Trade Desk can provide more efficient services to their clients.

Clarissa Season, chief experience officer at Annalect, foresees the solution being used for future planning and views reduction of duplication as central to the solution, improving understanding of unique reach. She highlights the importance of cooperation and intelligence sharing between Omnicom and The Trade Desk in driving innovative campaigns and delivering value.

According to Jed Dederick, Chief Revenue Officer at The Trade Desk, their partnership with Omnicom helps advertisers understand customer consumption patterns better, particularly regarding streaming content. The jointly developed tools offer improved effectiveness and accuracy before campaigns even launch. These tools aim to provide comprehensive insights, precise predictions, and help advertisers navigate the ever-evolving landscape of streaming content.

The collaboration morphs the traditional “bring your own algorithm” practice in programmatic to a modern “custom bid optimization”. Using the data shared between the companies, Omnicom will create inclusion and exclusion lists, essentially paving a roadmap towards better campaign performance and high retention rates. The partnership aims to revolutionize digital marketing, pushing it towards more accurate, data-driven decision making.

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