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Omnichannel engagement delivers big returns

Research released today suggests that there’s a large, measurable ROI benefit to focusing on the customer. In a study conducted for Genesys, the omnichannel customer experience and call center vendor, Forrester Consulting reported an ROI exceeding 150 percent for customers using a Genesys engagement center solution.

In a Total Economic Impact study, Forrester reported:

  • a 50 percent reduction in customer abandonment at key points in the customer journey
  • Over $1 million in increased revenue through increased e-commerce and voice conversions
  • a 50 percent cost reduction to integrate new contact center agents
  • 12.5 percent improvement in agent handle time

The study looked at a payback period of around 13 months. According to Forrester, these findings reflect the evolution from traditional to omnichannel call centers.

Evolution to the Omnichannel Engagement Centre (Forrester)

While the report reflects customer experience with only one of several omnichannel customer service platforms, the evolution of the B2C–and increasingly the B2B–space from face-to-face and telephonic transactions to engagement across digital channels and an ever widening variety of devices, strongly implies a need fora consistent customer service experience across all those channels. The Forrester research puts figures to that assumption.

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