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OgilvyOne names insider regional director

OgilvyOne North America has named Harvey Kipnis regional director, said Toni Lee, director of public relations at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. Kipnis, formerly managing director of OgilvyOne New York, will be replaced in that role by Dimitri Maex, former managing director of OgilvyOne New York’s consulting and analytics group.

Kipnis and Maex will report directly to John Seifert, chairman and CEO of Ogilvy & Mather North America, said Lee.

In the newly created role, Kipnis, who led OgilvyOne New York for two years, will oversee the entire North American arm of OgilvyOne and work to expand the group’s reach throughout the region, according to an Ogilvy statement.

Maex will oversee all of OgilvyOne New York, Lee said. He will focus on implementing enhanced accountability and measurement systems, especially for social, as well as continue to expand OgilvyOne New York’s CRM, creative, data and analytics capabilities, as well as its sales enablement solutions, the Ogilvy statement said.

Maex said he’s looking forward to doing more to optimize the way people act on insights derived from gathered data.

“There are very senior marketing people, decision-makers, and it’s always baffling to me how little real information they often have to make big decisions,” said Maex. “A big challenge, predominantly in the data sphere, is to get out the basement, get out of the plumbing, and elevate the information and make it available so that it supports the bigger decisions in marketing.”

He’s also hoping to facilitate a closer marriage between new technologies and tradition methods, especially as relates to creative.

“We’re only scratching the surface,” he said. “What we’re seeing today is the birth of a new type of creative that embraces both and can ultimately change the way they work.”

In July, OgilvyOne New York named Alfonso Marian chief creative officer.

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