Offline meets online as Act-On combines marketing automation with phone tracking

Marketing automation platform Act-On Software will offer the ability to track phone call data through a partnership with Ifbyphone, a voice-based marketing automation platform.

The partnership will allow Act-On users to track calls from website visitors, improve lead scoring accuracy and evaluate the impact of calls on marketing campaigns.

In a field that’s almost becoming exclusively digital, this partnership serves as a reminder that offline activity still has a big part to play. A phone call is often the biggest form of engagement you can get, second only to an in-store visit. For Act-On users, it’s a way to bring digital analytics to an analog channel.

“The strategic partnership with Ifbyphone augments phone leads with marketing automation benefits, enabling customers to more effectively measure the impact of their multi-channel marketing programs,” said Gal Josefsberg, VP of Product Management at Act-On Software. “The Ifbyphone and Act-On integration enhances a marketer’s ability to tailor campaigns based on prospect interest; invaluable to modern marketers looking to personalize the buying experience.”

Making the phone, or “voice” channel a part of the digital marketing mix looks to be a trend that is picking up. Last month, social media management platform Hootsuite acquired voice technology company Zeetl to add a voice component to its offerings.

Ifbyphone will be discussing the new Act-On integration and demoing their Voice360 platform at booth #427 of the SMX East conference at New York’s Javits Center from September 30th to October 2nd.

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