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Offline Brands Gain Ground In Web Market, Index Says

Click-and-mortar retailers such as Old Navy, FTD and Gap continue to gain ground in the online market, according to the April eCommerce Index, which measures monthly online spending.

NextCard, the online credit card issuer, compiles the index.

The index lists top Web sites based on the number of transactions by more than 880,000 NextCard holders. Large, exclusively online retailers such as Amazon.com remained on top of the list along with eBay.com and Half.com. However, Gap.com climbed 12 spots to 24; OldNavy.com jumped 11 spots to 30; and FTD.com made its way 17 spots up the list to 22.

NextCard claimed that the traditional brands continue to gain momentum online because of growing consumer trust in established offline branded companies.

The biggest losers in percentage of transaction volume during the month were MusicToday.com at an 83 percent loss, Cityspree.com at 69 percent, Kozmo.com at 66 percent, NetJewels.com at 56 percent and Textileshop.com at 54 percent. The biggest gainers in transaction percentage were MichiganBulb.com at 886 percent, Travelocity.com at 269 percent, Essential.com at 252 percent and SharperImage.com at 248 percent.

NextCard attributed Travelocity.com's rise to the start of the summer vacation travel period.

Since NextCard began the index in May 1999, Amazon has maintained its spot as the top online retailer on the list.

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