OfficeMax launches multimedia campaign for printing services

OfficeMax has launched a multimedia marketing campaign to support the introduction of OfficeMax ImPress, a new brand covering its print and document services operations.

OfficeMax ImPress targets large and small businesses as well as retail customers with document management services, Web-based submission and in-store printing, copying, binding and document production services.

In order to highlight these services and the new brand name, OfficeMax ImPress is the featured printer of a 28-page custom-bound special section of the Jan. 28 issue of The Wall Street Journal.

Mid-January, 30-second radio spots created by DDB Chicago make their debut on national network radio. The humorous spots refer to stereotypical characters in need of reputation makeovers, such as loan sharks and repo men.

In addition, there will be newspaper advertisements along with OfficeMax ImPress sponsoring National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and Morning Edition. Television commercials will appear in four select markets: Chicago, Las Vegas, Cleveland and Orlando.

Internet banner ads and online games will appear on Yahoo, MSN and The games make light of workplace frustrations over copying and printing. According to research by OfficeMax, Naperville, IL, online gaming is popular with the people who make decisions regarding printing and document management.

In a game, a player might have to make 10 double-sided copies while facing obstacles like paper jams, fires and co-workers who won’t stop talking. The games can be found at

The multimedia campaign will also include targeted business-to-business direct mail and promotions for current OfficeMax customers.

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