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OfficeDepot.com Debuts New International Sites

Office Depot and Viking Office Products, a wholly owned subsidiary of Office Depot, yesterday respectively launched Web sites in Japan and Australia.

The Japanese Web site marks the first time Office Depot is launching an international e-commerce site under the brand name, according to reports.

Viking Office Products, Torrance, CA, which has nine international Web sites, aims to offer Australian consumers, among other things, the ability to enter catalog orders online through the company’s Quick Order by Stock Number.

Australian consumers will be able to access the Web site at www.vikingop.com.au.

Office Depot, Delray Beach, FL, which previously launched an e-commerce Web site in Japan for Viking, plans to offer Japanese consumers an integrated ordering system.

Japanese consumers will be able to access the Web site at www.officedepot.co.jp.

Office Depot, which already has catalog operations in both countries, has promoted the launch of the Web sites via direct mail for a couple of weeks. Office Depot representatives reported the campaign as an ongoing project.

“It’s a great opportunity to expand our infrastructure since we already have warehouses, financial merchandising and the like in those countries,” said Eileen Dunn, vice president of investor relations and public relations at Office Depot. “Now we’re just leveraging additional channels into each of those countries.”

Dunn said Office Depot expects to launch at least two more international Web sites in the near future.

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