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Offerpop launches Hashtag Gallery to help brands curate hashtagged content

Social marketing software maker Offerpop has a solution for marketers trying to curate all the media that gets sent to their campaign hashtags, the Hashtag Gallery.

“People are spending less time consuming traditional brand content, and more time making and sharing content — photos, videos, and tweets” said Prakash Mishra, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for Offerpop.  “Hashtag Gallery gives brands ways to turn consumer content into relevant, real-time consumer engagement, amplifying the reach and authenticity of traditional marketing programs.”

Instead of having to crawl through all the responses to a hashtag on Twitter to find the best multimedia content, social media managers can use the Hashtag Gallery to automatically pull content for a particular hashtag.  The tool then displays the curated content in an aesthetically pleasing gallery, either on the company’s website, or a separate landing page. Users can also use Hashtag Gallery to respond to people sending them content and get their permission to re-use it for additional marketing. This makes it easier to quickly visualize the results of a hashtag campaign and even run contests for the best user-generated contest.

Curating user-generated content to live outside of Twitter isn’t a totally new concept. Brands have been curating hashtagged content already using sites such as Tumblr to create some impressive looking galleries. Some good examples include Home Depot with its #LetsDoThis hashtag and Gap  curating its #BackToBlue content.

However, those still require active search and curation from gallery builders, while the process is automated in Hashtag Gallery. The tool simply enables curation by asking the marketer to approve each piece of content in order. It also provides metrics on gallery visitors and campaign participation.

To promote the product, Offerpop is launching an early-access option for brands to sign up for Hashtag Gallery, and avail the services of the company’s in-house social media strategists to get started on hashtag campaigns.

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