Oasis Looks to Lure Boomers to Fountain of Youth Through DRTV

Oasis Wellness Network, a health and nutritional supplements manufacturer, will launch an infomercial at the end of the month to promote its 1-year-old nutritional and so-called anti-aging formula.

The supplements are divided into the Longevity Signal System, a capsule that includes both day and evening formulas, and Plus 5, a liquid anti-oxidant product.

The Longevity Signal System, priced at $59 per month, claims to slow the physical aging process through a combination of herbs, aloe vera and DHEA, an adrenal hormone. Plus 5, at $29.95 per month, claims to slow mental aging through a combination of fruit juice extracts, gingko biloba and aloe vera.

The long-form infomercial, produced by 18-year-old direct response television company Mark Williams Entertainment Organization, will launch as a test run at the end of this month. The infomercial will include testimonials from Oasis Wellness Network user and celebrity Frankie Avalon; a panel of three physicians who use the product; various testimonials from the 450-member audience; and a description of the product presented by Steven Cherniske, president of Oasis Wellness Network, Broomfield, CO. The company plans eventually to run short-form branding commercials directing consumers to a toll-free number for more information.

The company will target the product to male and female baby boomers.

“We are going after baby boomers because of their motivation to slow down the aging process,” said Cherniske. “We used Frankie Avalon because he is a good model for baby boomers.”

The infomercial will be broadcast across national and local television stations.

“While the program will be broadcast over a range of day parts, we tend to see our biggest audiences on Saturday and Sunday morning and Sunday evening,” said Mark Williams, founder of Mark Williams Entertainment Organization, Las Vegas. “If you are over 9 years old, there is nothing to watch on a Saturday morning.”

The infomercial directs consumers to a toll-free number through which they can order the products. The Oasis Wellness Network is developing a Web site as another means of purchase. Consumers also will be informed via the call center about the company's other nutritional supplements, including a bone joint formula, a women's nutritional supplement and a post-menopausal supplement.

“We decided to use infomercials because the product requires detailed explanation,” Cherniske said. “If we just put the formula on the shelf next to some [other] product, our system won't be able to differentiate itself for the consumer.” He added that the company selected Mark Williams Entertainment Organization to produce the ad because of its experience and track record in the self-help DRTV industry.

The company will encourage consumers to sign up for auto-shipping of the products in which refills will be sent monthly and charged to their credit card until the order is canceled. Customers who do not request auto-shipping will receive a follow-up sales call one month after receiving the first installment. The company offers consumers a 90-day money-back guarantee if they're not satisfied.

Oasis Wellness Network also markets the products through “family and friends” networks of consumer sellers. Currently, 18,000 people use the products.

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