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O'Currance Adds Call Center

Inbound teleservices outsourcer O'Currance Teleservices announced the opening yesterday of a 100-seat call center in Draper, UT.

O'Currance will use the new facility as its main location for dedicated sales agents, who are telephone representatives who serve a single client only and therefore require more resources and training. The company also will house its senior management teams and sales department at the site.

The company's workload for dedicated sales agents nearly doubled this year, bringing about the need for a new call center and additional hiring, the company said. O'Currance has another facility in Salt Lake City, which will remain its headquarters and home to its human resources and accounting departments.

The extra facility also creates redundancies in O'Currance's telecommunications network and systems, providing backups in the case of a system failure, the company said.

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