NYTimes.com Redesigns to Increase Ad Space

NYTimes.com recently redesigned its home page in an effort to increase the ad space available and offer viewers a more personalized experience.

The site now offers a screen width capable of 800-pixel-by-600-pixel resolution, which allows it to place more ads and graphics, according to The New York Times Co., parent company of the online daily publication. The last screen size was 640-by-480 pixels wide.

On the personalization side of the redesign, the site identifies its members in the top, right-hand corner of the page. The site also now offers viewers with NYTimes.com e-mail accounts a front-page link to view their messages.

The site also has put a link on the front page that allows viewers to read weather forecasts for their home city. In addition, the home page now features a wider sidebar that offers synopses of stories inside the site.

The special sections at NYTimes.com also will be restructured in the coming weeks, said Scott Meyer, vice president and deputy general manager at the site.

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