NY DM Show Gets New Name

The nation's second-largest DM conference has changed its name from DMDNY — Direct Marketing Days in New York — to DMD Marketing Conference New York.

“We wanted to make it less regional, because if we decide to go other places it will give us greater flexibility,” said the show's president, Charles Cavanagh. “We might go to L.A. in the future, though right now I don't know where we would go or when.”

The rebranded DMD Marketing Conference will take place May 21-24 at the Hilton New York and Towers. Cavanagh said he expects this year's show to sell out, as it usually does. But he acknowledged that the “dot-com situation” had led to a number of cancellations of booths that were already ordered.

Still, Cavanagh said, “We get three requests for every one we lose. We are already 96 [percent] to 97 percent sold out. The only ones we haven't sold are on the third floor, and they are usually the last booths to fill.

“Some of the older, traditional people are coming back and want larger booths,” he said, but the larger booths are simply not available.

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