Number of publications targeted to rich up: Oxbridge

The new edition of The Standard Periodical Directory shows that publications targeted to the wealthy grew from 90 in 1997 to 456 in 2007.

Published by Oxbridge Communications, the Standard Periodical Directory is the largest directory for U.S. and Canadian periodicals, with information on 58,018 magazines, journals, newspapers, newsletters, directories and yearbooks.

The directory at also shows that puzzles, advertising shopping guides and ethnic publications were the top growth categories over the past 10 years.

Internet communications, business management and political science and politics were cited as declining categories since 1997.

Over the same period of time, publications have changed from a print-only format to a combination of print and electronic formats as well.

There are 17,075 publications listed in the Standard Periodical Directory that are available electronically. A total of 5,486 publications are available in electronic format only.

The directory’s 2007 edition includes listings for 15,732 magazines, 12,069 journals, 13,529 newsletters, 9,735 newspapers, 3,489 directories and 1,010 yearbooks.

The new edition of the directory is current with more than 5,546 new titles.

The publication’s name, phone number, fax, e-mail, URL, editorial description, personnel, ISSN, year founded, frequency, circulation, subscription and advertising rates, list rental and production data, and targeted audience are all included in the book.

Available online from Oxbridge Communications or by calling a toll-free number, the directory costs $1,695 for the print edition, $1,995 for the single-user CD and $2,995 for both print directory and CD.

It is also available online as part of the MediaFinder database service for $1,295 for a single-user, and starting at $2,090 for a site license annual subscription.

Oxbridge has a range of reference products including the National Directory of Magazines, Oxford Directory of Newsletters, National Directory of Catalogs and, an online database of more than 70,000 publications and catalogs.

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