Northern Lights working on DRTV for Plan Canada

Plan Canada, a child-centered international development charity, has launched a DRTV campaign created by Northern Lights Direct Response.

According to Ian French, president and creative director of Northern Lights Direct Response, Plan Canada “wanted to more accurately explain that what it does is community development-based.
“By building a well, school, or health clinic, the entire community can ben­efit. It’s not isolated to just one child,” he continued.

Becky Crampton, director of marketing for Plan Canada, said that the charity selected Northern Lights because it has “a unique blend of DRTV expertise, production and media buy­ing, as well as a strong understanding of brand-building.”

The 60- and 120-second ads depict stories of children living in developing countries and how their lives would be different if they had sponsors. Six ver­sions of the spots feature different chil­dren from various countries.

The advertisements also inform viewers that they would receive photos and a document about their sponsored child. This is followed by a call to ac­tion to sponsor a child for $35 Cana­dian a month.
According to French, the target de­mographic for these advertisements is generally 35-65 year-olds with an above average income and with a primarily, but not exclusively, female skew.

In February, Plan Canada will unveil 30- and 60-minute programs that also in­corporate its new brand positioning.

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