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North 6th Agency opens doors

The North 6th Agency, specializing in brand communications and marketing, officially opened on March 22. The firm has offices in New York City and nearby Westchester County, and two main divisions: brand communications and career management. It will work on direct marketing on a case-by-case basis.

North 6th’s initial clients are digital agency Zeta Interactive, business-to-business marketing database NetProspex, long-distance calling company VIP Communications and e-commerce software firm Ke Solutions. The agency is also working with Italian Olympians Debby Scanzio, a freestyle skier, and Paolo Bacchini, a figure skater. It will provide translation services and develop Web and newsletter content to broaden the athletes’ US fan base.

Matt Rizzetta, former group director of the technology division at Dukas PR, is the agency’s president. He expects to have eight employees by the end of the year and revenue of about $500,000 for the agency’s first 12 months.

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