Nortel hopes for more buzz with calculator campaign

Global communications and technology provider Nortel is looking to harness some recent online social media buzz with its latest b-to-b push launching today.

Aimed at corporate technology buyers, the company is promoting its Energy Efficiency Calculator, a tool that lets IT network planners identify their power consumption and how to reduce it through Nortel’s products, in one day of print ads in The Wall Street Journal and the San Jose Mercury News along with direct mail to current company customers and paid and organic search campaigns. McCann WorldGroup is the agency working on the push.

“The Web has changed the whole scene,” explained Nortel CMO Lauren Flaherty. “We’re hoping that the media spend will kickstart the campaign and its impact will amplify over time in the digital world.”

Flaherty explained that the availability of a calculation tool that compared energy consumption metrics and their impact on the bottom line between her company’s products and marketshare giant Cisco Systems Inc. was an attractive way to draw in leads. The company debuted the tool at two recent North American business conferences and immediately saw positive blog reviews and increased site traffic.

“We clearly struck a chord with a lot of IT decision makers by providing a way to figure out their energy consumption,” Flaherty said.

The company will make the calculator available to any site visitor in the middle of next month across its global marketplaces. Flaherty said the company intends to do an integrated lead capture from the site to follow up with visitors who may be interested in Nortel’s products after using the calculator. Currently, business must contact Nortel sales staff directly to get a calculation of their data network’s energy consumption.

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