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Nonprofit Taps Season Sentiment With ‘Have a Heart’ Effort

Future Possibilities, New York, will drop its first direct mail fundraising piece this weekend hoping recipients will add the nonprofit to their list of special Valentines.

As part of the Have A Heart Program, the Valentine’s Day-themed piece will be mailed to 1,800 of the organization’s donors and coaches, as well as friends and family of business contacts, coaches and board of directors.

Future Possibilities is an organization focused on helping inner-city children choose a life goal and helping them work toward achieving it.

“The goal of the mailing is to get the attention of those that have participated, or those who are coaches themselves and get them to make donations,” said Connie LaMotta, president/CEO of LaMotta Strategic Communications, New York, the agency handling the campaign.

LaMotta said the organization decided to keep the campaign small for a couple of reasons.

“It’s their first campaign – and with the size of the budget they had, it was easier doing it to a controlled quantity that they were familiar with,” she said.

The piece is a personalized Valentine’s Day card wishing the recipient a happy Valentine’s Day from a number of the more than 100 kids involved in the program. It provides information about the campaign and the organization and then solicits a donation.Recipients are asked to either call in the donation, fax it or mail back the reply card with the donation. Future Possibilities is not taking donations at its Web site.

A follow-up thank-you letter will go out to all those who respond.

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