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Nonprofit Sector Sees More Direct/Interactive Donations

The nonprofit sector last year had direct/interactive donations and sales of $102.5 billion, the Direct Marketing Association announced this week with the release of its annual Economic Impact Study conducted by the WEFA Group. That total represents 7 percent of the total direct/interactive sales in the U.S.

The $102.5 billion is divided into three categories: donations, $80.8 billion; mail-order sales, $17.6 billion; and store traffic, $4 billion.

Membership organizations led the nonprofit sector in total revenue with direct/interactive donations and sales of $50.8 billion. Social services was the next with $28.4 billion.

According to the study, growth rates of direct/interactive expenditures is the category where the entire nonprofit sector showed the most leadership. Social services are ranked second among 51 industries and leads the nonprofit sector with a growth rate of 10.9 percent. All four of the nonprofit sectors — membership organizations, social services, education services and museums and galleries — were among the top 10 of the 51 industries and are all growing at a rate greater than the national average. Other findings include museums and galleries ranking first among the business-to-business sector in sales volume with a growth rate of 69.9 percent.

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