NMOA Launches DM Web Sites

The National Mail Order Association, Minneapolis, launched five content-based direct marketing Web sites last month.

“As part of our search engine Web strategy, and to help our members gain more new business, these Web sites will expand our presence on the Web,” association chairman John Schulte said.

The sites are www.ListsForMarketing.com, www.OutSourcingCallCenters.com, www.MailOrderFulfillment.com, www.MarketingSpeakers.com and www.DirectMarketingEvents.com.

Each site includes a how-to article about each subject and an advertisement from one member advertiser on each page affiliated with an associated product or service. The ads currently are free, but NMOA will start charging next year. Prices have not been set.

Schulte said he plans to put up more Web sites as soon as possible.

“What will really determine when they will go up is when we find people to provide viable content and who want to support them,” he said.

These include www.DirectMarketingStatistics.com, www.DMStats.com, www.MailOrderStatistics.com, www.ConsumerStatistics.com,

www.AdvertisingDemographics.com, www.BusinessSalesLetters.com, www.CatalogTimes.com, www.DirectMarketingPrinters.com, www.PublicityMaker.com and www.Dmchat.com.

Schulte said the site launches are part of the association's 30th anniversary celebration.

The celebration also includes specials for new members. For example, company members that join through the end of this year receive a free copy of NMOA's Guide to Mail Order Sales, which regularly costs $825. New individual members receive a free copy of NMOA's new electronic Drop-Shippers Guide, which includes names of manufacturers and distributors who will drop-ship single orders direct to customers. Currently, the guide is $50, but the price may rise within 90 days.

Schulte also said that the association is the key sponsor for the Sales, Marketing and Publicity Expo set for April 16, 2003, at the Metropolitan Event Center in Minneapolis. For more information, see www.tradeshowsandevents.com/marketing expo.html.

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