NJ No-Call Bill Goes to Governor

After legislative squabbling that threatened the measure's passage, a bill creating a state no-call registry for New Jersey is headed to Gov. James McGreevey.

The state Assembly last week voted unanimously to pass a final version of the bill. The legislation, which has been through several amendments, was scheduled for a vote in March but got held up when lawmakers tried to weaken some of its provisions.

Lobbying by seniors advocacy group AARP, whose members marched on the capitol in Trenton to support the bill, added pressure to ensure its passage. McGreevey, whose administration also lobbied for the bill, has said he will sign it into law.

Along with creating a do-not-call list at $2,000 per violation, the bill requires telemarketer registration in New Jersey and bans caller-ID blocking. New Jersey expects implementation of the list to take up to a year. The Federal Trade Commission enacts a national no-call list this summer.

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