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Nissan’s multiscreen experience

The Offer: To promote the park assist technology in its new Qashqai compact SUV, Nissan España tapped creative agency Plan Comunicación and media agency OMD to create multiscreen mobile ads that demonstrate the ease with which one can parallel park the Qashqai, even on narrow city streets. Web surfers who view the ads are prompted to sync their smartphones to their PCs by visiting a mobile site (http://qq360.es) and entering a special code that appears on each banner impression, thereby turning their mobile devices into de facto remote controls they can use to park a virtual car on their PC screens. Users without smartphones can also interact with the ad by mousing over it.

The Data: The rich media ads, which began running in mid-March, will continue throughout the rest of 2012. Digital campaign management company MediaMind is handling the tracking, including user behavior across multiple screens; number of impressions served; and time spent interacting with the ad.

The Channel: Nissan España is running the banners on several high-traffic websites, including AutoBid and Spanish sports site Marca.com.

The Creative: Players use their mouse to activate four cameras located at each corner of the virtual vehicle — just like on the real Qashqai — and move the steering wheel on their smartphone by tapping the mobile screen.

The Verdict:

Yuchun Lee is VP of enterprise marketing management at IBM Industry Solutions and also serves on the DMA‘s board of directors. Lee, founder of Unica (now part of IBM), began his first software company while still in high school. He was also a member of MIT’s notorious blackjack team. Read our Q&A with Yuchun for more.

Today’s engaged consumers demand the freedom to select their device of choice when viewing entertainment or media messages. By incorporating multiple devices into their parking simulation campaign, Nissan delivers a unique experience. This is great integration of the mobile channel.

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