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Nike.com helps consumers sort through the clutter

Nike.com serves as the general access portal for consumers to enter the positively labyrinthine catalog of Nike’s various products and services.

Dominating about two-thirds of the front page is whatever hot Nike product the company is currently promoting.

Within the Nike.com general landing page are three segments: Nike Shop, the main shopping portal; NIKEiD, a service that allows consumers to order customized Nike products; and Sites, which categorizes Nike’s products by sport. Individual sites are devoted to specific product genres, such as basketball gear.

There is, thankfully, a search bar at the top of the page so customers can bypass all the clicking. Each product page also has customer reviews — both written and starred.

For casual users hoping to browse the site and learn more about Nike products in general, the site is too convoluted to be of much use. However, for customers looking for Nike products within a specific area, the site does a great job displaying its wares in an orderly fashion and incorporating product specs and user reviews to help the customer make an informed decision.

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