NHL shoots to raise ticket sales with StratBridge

StratBridge is working with the National Hockey League to provide StratTix ticket analysis and reporting tools to continue to boost ticket sales and home game revenues league-wide.

The NHL, New York, is the second major pro sports league to capitalize on StratTix’s data analysis features, joining the National Basketball Association.

All 30 NHL clubs will have StratTix in place to collect sales data and deliver reports that present revenue information in a consistent format. Previously, teams relied on different systems for tracking and reporting on sales information. StratTix will automate the process, saving the NHL and individual clubs the time and money it takes to re-key information, track down errors and hunt for key statistics.

StratBridge, Cambridge, MA, provides instant analytics software that lets business people perform diligence research at the touch of a button.

StratBridge.net is a Web-native system that seamlessly extracts data from internal and external sources, regardless of format, and visually renders it in Internet browsers and Microsoft Office applications. Customers such as sports franchises, institutional and individual investors, consultants and business leaders use the software to quickly understand complex data patterns.

The NHL is unique among pro sports leagues in that more than 60 percent of its revenue comes from ticket sales. As a result, NHL teams work to ensure they fill their arenas for home games.

Member clubs may use StratTix to create graphical representations of sold and available in-arena seating and conduct analyses of ticket sales and individual seating information for every game. They will also have the option to use the StratTix Premium service to access up-to-the-minute sales information to develop special promotions on the fly.

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