Pigskin Goes to

Sports Web site Inc. will host and produce as part of a five-year Internet rights agreement with several companies. The agreement replaces a $10 million, three-year deal that the NFL had since 1998 with

The deal, announced yesterday, also includes CBS and America Online and reportedly totals $300 million.

AOL becomes the official Internet service provider of the league and will be promoted in telecasts on CBS as well as other NFL media and events. The NFL Internet Network will be promoted through AOL's Kids Channel, Sports Channel and Teen Channel as well as across AOL interactive brands, including CompuServe, ICQ and Netscape. AOL plans to offer its members sweepstakes, contests and video clips.

An NFL executive reportedly said the league will receive about $110 million in cash and at least $200 million in non-cash value.

E-commerce will continue to be handled by e-Venator.

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