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NextMark, Salesforce.com Create Lead Finder

NextMark Inc. teamed with Salesforce.com to create A+ Lead Finder, a tool that gives Salesforce.com customers access to 50,000 prospect lists, NextMark said yesterday.

NextMark, Hanover, NH, is a technology company that has created online list research and ordering tools for the mailing list industry. Salesforce.com, San Francisco, is an online customer relationship management application provider with 351,000 registered users from 18,700 companies.

The A+ Lead Finder is searchable by list relevance, price, size and popularity. Data cards in the system include segment counts, pricing, description, market, geography, source, selection variables, output options, correlated lists and other details. Users also can place list orders through the system and track results.

The A+ Lead Finder service is available through Salesforce.com's AppExchange, an on-demand application platform launched yesterday. More information about these services can be found at www.salesforce.com/appexchange.

Salesforce.com users can use the service for free until April.

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