NextMark Partnership with MIN Fuels Broker Tool

Technology firm Inc. today is expected to announce a partnership with Marketing Information Network to offer mIn data through its Web-based CataList research tool for list brokers.

The announcement will be made at the Direct Marketing Association's conference in Seattle.

“The list industry is entering a new era where technology provides a distinct competitive advantage,” Joseph Pych, founder and president of Inc., Hanover, NH, said in a statement. “The combination of quality content and cutting-edge technology is a real win for NextMark, mIn and, most importantly, the brokerage community.”

Through its data licensing agreement with mIn, NextMark users have access to the more than 37,000 data cards that mIn maintains in its system.

NextMark designed cataList, which it claims can speed the list research process so brokers can provide clients with in-depth list recommendations faster.

NextMark is demonstrating the tool at the conference.

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