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NextMark Introduces Online List Ordering System

Technology firm NextMark debuted an online system yesterday that links users to list-ordering Web sites.

Through the Lists Online system, list companies that have their own online list-ordering capabilities for their managed files can use NextMark as another way to drive list buyers to their sites. Visitors to www.nextmark.com can access lists online from a link on the site's home page. Lists Online then takes the visitors to the individual companies' list ordering system.

So far, the only list company linked to the Lists Online system site is American List Counsel, which uses Alvion to power its www.alclists.com list-ordering Web site. However, several other list firms are expected to sign on, said president Joseph Pych of NextMark, Hanover, NH, though he would not be more specific. Any company with online ordering capabilities can join the program free of charge, he said.

The ordering tool is the latest release from NextMark, which also provides CataList, a Web-based list research tool for list professionals.

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