NextMark debuts lead referral service for lists

NextMark has rolled out its Mailing Lists Lead Referral Service and has enhanced its software with a Lead Management Module.

The service aims to deliver quality sales leads on mailing lists to list brokers and list managers.

“Until now, they had no service for delivering targeted sales leads,” said Joseph Pych, president of NextMark, Hanover, NH. “So, they were wasting lots of time dealing with unqualified leads and not getting enough good leads.”

This new service is meant to solve this problem. List brokers and managers have to pay for the leads they get at prices they set.

“They get a quality guarantee on the leads,” he said. “Plus, they get all the tools they need to convert these leads into real business.”

Sales leads delivered through the service originate from a network of Web sites run by NextMark, including NextMark’s Mailing List Search Engine and the A+ Lead Finder for NextMark’s database of 60,000 mailing lists is searched. A sales lead is created when the user finds a list that meets his needs and submits a request for information or order on that list.

List brokers also can get targeted sales leads from mailers through this service and choose their desired leads by industry, geography and market.

Selectable target industries include associations, book and music clubs, broadcasting, catalogs, mail order, computer hardware, software, consumer products, consumer services, education, entertainment, financial, health care, insurance, list, database, magazines, nonprofit, printing, publishing, retail stores, service bureaus, technology, telecommunications and teleservices.

“This service enables list brokers and list managers to get the sales leads they want and gives them all the tools they need to convert these leads into new orders,” Mr. Pych said. “Plus, the service delivers clear results immediately: how many new accounts, how many new contacts, how many new orders, how much revenue, and return on investment. And it’s all tracked automatically for you.”

There are a few companies that have already implemented this. Here’s what they think.

“The setup was really easy,” said Steven Sheck, president of Infinite Media. “It only took a me a few minutes to get started and we are now getting sales leads that match our target client profile. The Bid Insight

Tool was really helpful in knowing how to bid. I think this new service has the opportunity to be a real winner for us.”

Jerry Hopkins, President of Innovative List Marketing, said, “It’s an effective new sales tool that pro actively feeds our sales team with qualified leads.”

Registration for the Lead Referral Service is free. List managers only pay for the leads they receive at a fixed referral fee. List Brokers only pay for the leads they receive at the bids they set for their target categories.

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