NextMark Adds Check Features to Online List Tool

NextMark Inc. released version 5.5 of its software platform, which includes new features to simplify finding, buying and selling mailing lists, the Hanover, NH, company said yesterday.

One new feature is a check-printing function that allows checks for list-order payments to be printed directly from the system. Along with the check, the system also generates all necessary supporting information on the check stub accompanying the payment, eliminating the need to send extra paperwork, NextMark said.

The feature also allows payment of multiple bills from multiple orders with one check.

“The problem with list-order payments is they very often do not match the corresponding bills,” NextMark president Joseph Pych said in a statement. “Discrepancies result from typical deductions taken after the results of the computer verification have been received by the client. Checks printed from our system provide all documentation in a very clear and concise format.”

Other features of version 5.5 are improved list search; enhanced markup, discount and commission calculations; improved clearance processing and improved credit-approval controls. To request a free trial, visit or contact NextMark at 603/643-1307 or [email protected]

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