Next week’s issue: CRM special issue

In the July 13 issue of DMNews, we’re focused on just one thing: CRM. Whether it be loyalty, engagement or customer relationships, this tactic is at the forefront of the growth and innovation that the industry relies on during the downturn. This first-ever special issue of DMNews will take a closer look at every facet of CRM and database space, including software, privacy, loyalty, retail, data collection, e-mail programs, social media and more.

This week, our Web site features a chat with Janet Rubio of Engauge. She elaborated on the evolution of CRM and how it has shaped the expectations of the consumer and the marketer’s capabilities to connect and cultivate relationships.

We look forward to taking a closer look at the CRM space. Send me your thoughts on where the industry is headed and stay tuned for more coverage.

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