New York DM Club Honors 8 at Silver Apples

NEW YORK–The Direct Marketing Club of New York presented its 15th annual Silver Apple Awards here yesterday to eight professionals who have worked in the direct marketing industry for more than 25 years.

All of the recipients talked about the people component of direct marketing and how they wouldn’t be where they are today without their friends, family and associates.

“When I started 35 years ago — the entire field would not have filled this room,” Ed Nash, author and president of Team Nash Inc., New York, told the banquet room of more than 300 people. “It’s not the money you make, the business you build but the people you meet.”

Ron Sichler, senior vice president of sales at Alternative Media Group, Red Barn, NJ, said the best decision he made was staying in the sales department at the New York Daily News and not going back to school to become a teacher.

“I didn’t want to be a salesman at first because I wanted to help people,” said Sichler, who is former publisher of DM News. “But sales is helping people. We are problem solvers and expediters.”

Other recipients were:

* Charles Cavanagh, co-founder of Direct Marketing Days in New York, who summed up being honored by saying, “Dumb luck will beat great strategy every time. I’m up here as living proof of that.”

* Lois Geller, president of Mason & Geller Direct, New York.

* Florence Leighton, senior vice president of the international segment at Direct Media, Greenwich, CT.

* Neil Mason, president of Neil Mason Executive Search, Charlotte, NC.

* Richard Montesi, president/CEO of the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation Inc., New York.

* Katie Muldoon, president of Muldoon & Baer Inc., Sugarloaf Key, FL.

Columbia House Inc. was awarded the Corporate Silver Apple Scholarship Endowment Award for its support and involvement in the DM community.

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