New USPS Program Targets Canada, Three Other Major Markets

LINCOLN, NE — The USPS is developing an exiting new program designed to help US mailers move into Canada and three other key markets – Germany, Japan and Brazil, more easily and more cheaply.

The “New Marketing Opportunities Program” is designed to help USPS meet the challenge of other global postal authorities and it is, incidentally, a great opportunity for American direct marketers. The name does not fully describe what is being offered.

Perhaps most importantly, USPS is offering an introductory rate on the postage and many other services for any new market test in Canada and the other three markets.

Any qualifying cataloger or direct marketer can take advantage of a host of services plus a special rate for their first mailing into each one.

If a marketer has never done a test into any of these countries, he may qualify for this great program.

Here are the basics of the deal-if you choose to mail only into Canada, you can send 25,000 catalogs and receive all of the additional services for $17,000. The other three markets are $22,000 if you mail to only one of them.

Mail to at least three countries and you get another $2,000 discount per country which means your Canadian costs are only $15,000. (The other three are $20,000 each)

Over the next several weeks, additional countries including Chile, China, France, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore and the U.K. are slated to be added. Other countries may come on, depending on the success in the initial target markets.

In addition to the discount on postage-something unprecedented by the United States Postal Service-the cataloger receives a wide variety of information on the target country.

This information has been put together through a combination of professional sources and information gathered from existing mailers. A list of suppliers for all aspects of the services has been prepared by the United States Postal Service.

All of these have been “vetted” to make sure they are able to comply with all postal and other requirements. In addition to the postage discount, if a mailer has not used ISAL for one year or more, they can get free lettershopping services.

The qualified direct marketers can take advantage of the Postal Service's Global Package Link Service, which is one of the best and easiest ways to get products from the United States to another country.

While certain minimums must be met, the Postal Service will work with each individual marketer during their test to see if they can accommodate their needs.

If for some reason the maximum number of shipments do not add up to enough to qualify for standard GPL services, arrangements will be made with a qualified wholesaler on behalf of the direct marketer.

Last, but not least, the United States Postal Service is sponsoring a post-trade mission visit to selected target countries. Basically, the travel costs are the only additional expense the direct marketer will have to eat.

Jackie Austin is the postal person responsible for this exciting new program. Her information is as follows:

Jackie Austin, Program Manager –

International Sales

United States Postal Service

475 L'Enfant Plaza SW

370 – IBU

Washington, D.C. 20260-6500

TEL: (202)314-7208

Fax: (202)314-7193

Email: [email protected]

If you have not tested Canada and the others, now is the time to take advantage of this new Postal Service offering. This is a great reason to test international direct marketing to see if the benefits will work for you and your organization.

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