New US Marketing Company Buys UK Firm

NEW YORK/LONDON – After only 15 months in business Hawkeye Communications last month bought the FFwd Group in the UK and hopes to take it across Europe before the year is out. Hawkeye also plans moves into Latin America and Australia.

Founder/CEO Steven Dapper is a former chairman of Rapp Collins Worldwide and set up his new firm with GTCR, a Chicago-based private equity company. With the new acquisition Hawkeye has 10 companies in its fold.

“We’re a full marketing service company that offers various forms of DM, sales promotion, brand design and so on. The majority of our work is centered around information and data and using technology to deliver results for our clients,” Dapper said.

“When we started our charter was always that going global was part of our opportunity. We focused on the US for a year and now are branching into Europe and Latin America in the second half of the year.

“Targets exist all over the world for brands. And with all the data and Internet tools out there the value of brands takes on a global level, and the opportunity to provide global solutions for clients is very important.”

Like any entrepreneurs, he added, Europeans “are looking for global connections and so is everybody else. The whole concept of partnering with a larger entity that can provide rewards for your employees and better results and access to clients is very important.

FFwd includes Ffwed Precision Marketing, Hamilton Wright and Area 51, the group’s central e-business fulfillment facility and, a Hawkeye statement said, “offer integrated, data-driven marketing solutions for Fortune 500 companies.”

Colin Glossop, FFwd founder/CEO, will now become Hawkeye’s European CEO and will be given a seat on the parent company’s board. FFwd specializes in customer loyalty and relationship marketing programs.

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