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New Skills Are Challenge For Marketing Organizations

Marketing organizations are struggling to acquire the new skills necessary in their roles today, according to a Coremetrics’ survey.

The Aug. 22 study, “The Face of the New Marketer,” from San Mateo, CA-based Web analytics firm Coremetrics, revealed that skills in analysis, measurement and search engine optimization are becoming more important than traditional marketing competencies like branding and product promotion.

The findings also showed that the majority of marketers feel they need to improve their abilities in these newer fields; that hiring staff with this expertise is a major challenge; and that traditional education methods are not adequately geared to address the growing shortage of marketers versed in digital marketing techniques.

The survey of 120 senior marketing professionals in the United States and Britain was conducted in June 2006. Coremetrics asked marketers which skills they needed to perform their job? Which had become the most important over the past two years? And which they most needed to acquire or improve?

The findings include:

  • For 73 of respondents, analytics and measurement have become more important over the past two years and these skills are now seen as more important than branding (23 percent feel this has grown in importance) and product promotion (more important for just 13 percent).
  • 86 percent said their decision-making is more reliant on analysis than two years ago.
  • For 31 percent of respondents, search engine marketing is the most important skill.
  • 60 percent felt that SEM skills have become more important over the past two years.
  • 50 percent said they need to improve their analytical abilities.
  • 41 percent felt that their SEM skills are in need of improvement.
  • 83 percent are finding it tough to hire staff with these skills.
  • 71 percent believe traditional training and education methods are not adequately geared to the needs of today’s marketing organizations.

To help marketers address the growing need for SEM and analytical capabilities, Coremetrics has developed a White Paper “Preparing Your Organization to Successfully Measure Your Web Site”, which outlines how they can effectively work across an organization to drive a data-driven approach to marketing.

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