New Service Harvests NAICS Codes Online

Network Marketing International LLC will launch a new Web site and Internet-based data-mining product in the next month that will provide the first NAICS-compatible sales leads online.

NAICS, the North American Industry Classification System, was created last year by the federal government to replace SIC codes used by business-to-business compilers and marketers for identification and targeting purposes. NAICS adds industries created by new segments of the economy since the last SIC update in 1987 and includes more categories and levels of classification for existing industries. The first U.S. NAICS manual became available this month and can be ordered by calling 800/553-6847 or online at

Network Marketing International (NMI), Rochester, NY, will leverage the new six-digit classification system on its revamped Web site that comes online Sept. 1 with a new lead wizard feature for data-specific searches. In October, the company will debut Persephone, a data-mining product that culls URLs, e-mail addresses and company data to enhance its existing database of 15 million small business records on a daily basis.

“Prior to this, companies would have to rely on compilers that make quarterly databases updates,'' said NMI president/CEO David Koretz.

Persephone is a set of computer programs that queries Internet databases and other data sources for specific information about small businesses. The programs have intelligent logic processing that lets them decide whether a specific piece of information should be used to update the NMI database. Persephone is expected to collect a half dozen contacts per small business in the first three months of operation.

Business-to-business marketers can conduct an unlimited number of searches at the NMI Web site and then purchase leads by credit card or through a payment plan. NMI has a variety of pricing plans — and since it is geared to small business, Koretz said, it offers lower rates than larger compilers.

In addition to Persephone, NMI is developing 10 more data-mining products that will be available next year.

“More business information is available today than ever before,” Koretz said, “and NMI will continue to push the level of technology to ensure our customers have access to this data.''

Dun & Bradstreet, Murray Hill, NJ, has offered crosswalk mapping of SIC to NAICS codes as an appending service to its existing customers since the new system was implemented in early 1997 but doesn't provide NAICS matching online.

Fellow BTB database compiler infoUSA, Omaha, NE, provides NAICS for custom products, but is monitoring customer feedback before making the new codes available with online products. Beyond marketers to government who must use NAICS, info USA has found, most BTB marketers continue to use SIC codes.

“There are some advantages depending on what industry you're marketing to. Marketers to new industries use them,” said Lisa Farley, senior vice president of data compilation at infoUSA, “but for the traditional industries, marketers aren't clamoring for NAICS.”

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