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New search engine for primary care physicians

CMPMedica, a provider of healthcare information and education, debuted SearchMedica Primary Care, its second vertical search engine offered under a Web-based service that connects physicians and other medical professionals with medical Web sites, online journals and other clinical sources.

Most primary care physicians of any age, and more than 90 percent of those 45 or younger, said they turn to the Internet for clinical information. But two-thirds cited too irrelevant results as their key challenge when searching on Google.

SearchMedica.com is designed to address this clutter issue by indexing reliable medical information that is approved for inclusion by medical editors and a physician editorial board. This makes the search results far more relevant to clinical practice than results generated on other search engines.

CMPMedica, a New York publisher of 14 clinical journals and a unit of United Business Media PLC, claims the search results are independent, unbiased and ranked according to relevance. Category sponsorships and keyword ads support the service.

SearchMedica Oncology will be the next specialty-specific search engine to launch later this quarter. SearchMedica Psychiatry was introduced in November.

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