New Records in Email Marketing

2015 is a year of records for email marketers. For the first time, more than a quarter of all purchases that were driven by email were completed on a mobile device; and smartphones drove more than half of mobile orders. Those are just some of the latest statistics from Yesmail Interactive‘s most recent report, “The Rise of Email in 2015.” In fact, the study illustrates a number of changes on the email landscape. It attributes rise of mobile conversions to several features directly tied to email, like responsive design, active email subscribers, and consistent engagement. Below you’ll find some of the more imperative statistics in the study.

• Marketers are more successful at generating long-term engagement with consumers than they’ve been in the past; for the first time, the never active subscriber segment dipped under 69%.

• The difference in click-to-open rate (CTO) between mobile and desktop continues to shrink; in Q2 it was 19.2% for desktop versus 14.2% for mobile.

• Mobile clicks made up 46% of all email clicks in Q2.

• Mobile orders made up more than a quarter (27%) of all email-driven orders.

• Smartphones made up 54% of all mobile orders and 53% of all mobile revenue—both surpassing the halfway mark for the first time.

• Half of all emails deployed in Q2 were responsive—up from 28% the previous year.

• Smartphone revenue increased by 33% YoY as tablet revenue declined by 24%.

• Smartphone orders grew by 32% YoY while tablet orders fell by 22%.

• Email marketers saw the highest number of emails opened per recipient in Q2: 52 messages per quarter—or about four messages each week.

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