New outfit allows agencies to outsource Google and Yahoo local campaign management

A new local SEM service, gohooLo, has launched to help businesses execute local search ad campaigns on Google and Yahoo.

GohooLo claims to provide everything a local advertiser needs to compete on Google and Yahoo in their own geo-targeted business area, effectively opening up a new revenue stream for DM agencies without a local search team.

Google and Yahoo serve more than 60 percent of over 4 billion local searches each month across the US.

First a DM agency supplies its client’s coordinates and core business focus. GohooLo then prepares Google and Yahoo ad campaigns that include geo-targeting to a specific city or region, keyword creation that covers the variety of possible search page results, text ad copywriting, and even a suggested client budget to cover potential monthly pay-per-click charges.

“From an understanding that direct marketing agencies are traditionally focused primarily on direct mail sent to homes or businesses, gohooLo gives DM agencies with a locally-focused client base the opportunity to immediately offer their clients local search ad campaigns,” said Tim Tevlin, president of gohoolo, in an e-mail interview. “It is an outsourced local SEM service program that I believe is the first of its kind in the search industry.”

The gohooLo ad program hosts a “contact & location” Web page for each client, which is where people end up after clicking on a text ad. The page focuses on driving local customer phone calls and visits.

GohooLo sets up each client’s location listing on Google Maps and Yahoo Local.

“Ongoing, we monitor and optimize all clients’ local search ad campaigns. It’s an on-demand ad service you can start and stop anytime,” Tevlin continued. ” GohooLo has been set up to scale to be able to handle hundreds to thousands of small local search advertisers. We charge a flat rate for campaign set up ($299 each per Google or Yahoo local ad campaign per city/region), plus a flat minimum campaign management charge of only $29.95 per month that includes coverage of up to $25 in clickthrough charges – meaning there is really no barrier to entry to try at least just try the service.”

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