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New Netconcepts tool supports DIY SEO

Search engine marketing firm Netconcepts has launched GravityStream 2.0, an enterprise-level automated natural search advertising platform for online retailers. This platform converts a retailer’s Web pages into optimized landing pages to match its branded items with consumers’ unbranded queries.

According to Brian Klais, VP of search for Netconcepts and co-inventor of GravityStream 2.0, the platform is easier to implement than others methods of search engine optimization.

“Typically when you think about search optimization, you think about it as a complex IT project that takes months and months of work to get completed,” he said, “In 30 days time we’re able to give the marketer and merchant a fully optimized version of his or her site that engines can index and drive traffic to.”

With this platform, marketers are able to monitor the performance of natural search as an advertising channel. Clients can see what percentage of pages make it into top search indexes as well as keyword yields and number of visitors per page.

“We’re trying to connect the dots and give marketers a holistic perspective on how their natural search channel is performing so they can make smarter, faster, better decisions,” Klais said. Marketers can also change body copy, title tags and URL addresses for the landing pages and see the immediate results of those changes. 

Outdoor outfitter Cabela’s has been using GravityStream since June 2006. According to Klais, the retailer has since seen a 50% year-over-year increase in sales derived from organic search.

“It’s so exciting to see what this technology means to direct merchants and retailers who can finally start to treat natural search as it’s own marketing channel,” Klais said, “And for the first time they’re able to do that.”

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