New female-targeted green living magazine debuting in August

A new green living magazine for women, Positively Green, is launching nationwide this August.

The independently published quarterly will be sold via subscription and at bookstores and select grocery stores. Geared towards women in their 30s and 40s, Positively Green focuses on simple, everyday choices that people can make to live more eco-friendly lives.

“I’m very green: I drive a Prius, I buy organics, so I made this green journey,” explained Kelly Magill, publisher of Positively Green. “I realized, though, that a lot of my girlfriends who are in their 20s, 30s and 40s are not tree huggers, but want to make changes. They don’t know which changes to make, and if they knew what to do, and there were solutions they would be making a lot more eco-friendly choices.”

The core readership for Positively Green will be mothers who are already buying organic or recycling but don’t know how to lead greener lives. No lists have yet been bought, but Magill said they will play a role in marketing subscriptions.

For now, marketing efforts are concentrating on publicity — largely through TV appearances for Magill and appeals to blog networks. Distribution sites such as Barnes and Noble and Whole Foods were also chosen carefully as hot spots for targeted readers. Around 75% of the first issue’s sales are expected to come from newsstands.

Magill noted that the current marketplace seemed ripe for such a magazine, saying, “Now everyone has an environmental message in their ad and has no vehicle to put them in. The timing is much better because corporations are trying to broadcast environmental messages and consumers are asking for it.”

Positively Green will roll out in August with a rate base of 50,000-75,000. Magill plans to boost that number to 125,000-150,000 by the November issue, and within a year she anticipates circulation of 200,000-250,000. Curtis Circulation will manage circulation duties.

Editorial will cover health, fashion, travel, family and home issues, rather than feature political or whistle-blowing articles.

Positively Green will be printed on paper with recycled content, and a portion of the subscription price will be donated to the eco-charity of a reader’s choice.

The magazine will debut at an official launch party in July.

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